Tiny URL Directory Project


URL shortening services are used by many people for various reasons. The aim of this project is to build a search engine for the longer URLs hidden behind these and produce interesting statistics on the URLs themselves.


This project uses a javascript powered client side spider which originally interfaced to a Dapper API then more recently to use a Yahoo Query Language (YQL) call. Which in turn used TinyURL's preview feature to resolve shortened URLs.

Project results are stored in a MySQL database for later analysis.

10/06/2007 until 21/07/2010, URL resolutions were performed every 30 seconds while a visitor stayed on this page. In total 113376 resolutions were made.

21/03/2014 This project has now been re-activated and making resolutions every 5 seconds.

03/03/2016 Resolutions are made in sequence as quickly as possible now using YQL.


The backend is written in perl and uses our own Hector perl framework with DBIx::Class for the database backend.


Interesting searches

Here is a selection of the sort of data you see hidden in shortened URLs.


The Dumb Terminal